JavaScript Code Retreat #3

The Schedule

JavaScript Code Retreat #3





Since we will try to video conf in multiple locations, probably into one hangout, it will be essential to be in the same timezone. The suggestion here is to sync via video only if you are in the same time zone, so you can really sync on the same thing at the same time.

Five Sessions

5 Sessions x 45 minutes

9:00 Arriving, Breakfast, Coffee
9:15 Introduction round
9:30 What is Code Retreat, what can u expect ... what is GameOfLife

Session 1 - No Constraints

Just use pure TDD and pair-programming, get to know the problem and work as a team. You can use

10:45 Retrospective

Session 2 - Google Spreadsheet

Write your tests in a google spreadsheet and the production code in pure JavaScript. No test framework involved. One challenge is to make the test input fit in a spreadsheet cell.
What????? (Read about it if you don't know what this means.)

11:45 Retrospective

Session 3 - Ping Pong

Write a test make it fail, pass the keyboard to your pair. He/her makes the test pass by implementing the production code and writes another failing test and passes back the keyboard.

12:45 Retrospective
13:00 Lunch

Session 4 - Create legacy

Solve the problem as quickly and dirty as possible. Do not write clean code, do not create a good design, just forget anything you’ve ever learned about inner code quality. Simply get this thing running!
Wanna know more? Read here. (Warning: spoils the fun a bit!)

15:15 Retrospective

Session 5 - No mouse

Removing a tool developers are used to using in order to help them learn how to use other tools more effectively.

16:15 Retrospective
17:00 Beers together ...