JavaScript Code Retreat #2

Add your city

JavaScript Code Retreat #2

  1. Get a space where you can meet
  2. Add your city site here
  3. Have fun retreating away :)


There is no JavaScript Code Retreat in your city yet, but you want to have one!

How you get your city listed here?

We simply used github for the page you are looking at. And that's also how you can add your city or even contribute site fixes for this site.
Just follow these steps and you get on to this page here:

How to host?

Get a room, some food and a projector in there. Tell the people and off you go. Read the long version about how to host, which we wrote after up the first JS CodeRetreat with some real world insights. If you need some help on hosting there are some really good info at hosting and facilitating.
If you have specific question you can also post here or simply tweet something to @jsCodeRetreat.

Lanyrd integration

If you want to integrate on your site as done here (source) do the following:

  1. Add a new event on lanyrd
  2. Claim the event (you will find the link on the lanyrd event page) ... the confirmation might take a day
  3. Once you got the claim-confirmation email, you can integrate the widget on your jscoderetreat site